5 powerful methods to clear a slow drain without calling the plumber

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Have you ever been standing in the shower only to look down and realize that your soapy, dirty shower water is now up to your ankles? Ick. Or how about when you try to drain the sink after doing dishes and the food particles seem to circle endlessly without going anywhere? Double ick.
If you'd like to get your drains up and running again but you can't or don't want to call a plumber, check out a few of these helpful tips to try:
Try a homemade remedy (h/t Bob Vila)
Got a slow drain? Don't worry! Try the homemade baking-soda based remedy as demonstrated in the video below:
Clean bathtub grime
If your tub is suffering from grime, instead of buying expensive store-bought products, try the solution below instead:
Unclog a clogged tub
Before you call an expensive plumber, try the following DIY solution:
Remove hair from the tub
Have hair that gets stuck in the drain? Instead of calling a plumber, try the techniques demonstrated in the video below first:
Want to make your house smell amazing?
Whip up this mixture to make the whole house smell heavenly. Here's what you do:
Use sea salt on a clogged drain
Try pouring some salt and boiling water down the drain to loosen clogs and break up food particles. Watch this in action in the video below:
Whiten your grout
Use the following technique demonstrated in the video below to get your floors looking clean:
Clean your dish disposal
If your kitchen sink is clogged, try cleaning out your dish disposal. See this in action in the video below:
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