Ceiling fans can get nasty. Look at 8 awesome ways to clean them

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Ceiling fans provide lighting and air circulation in many homes. Bedrooms, living rooms, and even front porches can feature a set of spinning blades. But when was the last time you took a good look at yours?
It's easy to forget to clean a ceiling fan. However, it can accumulate dust over time and once it's turned on send that dust flying through the air. Regular dusting prevents a heavy buildup and potential air quality problems. Here are our favorite tips for cleaning and maintaining your ceiling fans.
1. Traditional ceiling fan cleaning
If you've been wondering how to properly clean your ceiling fan, Bob Vila has a tutorial just for you. He recommends a weekly cleaning with the ceiling fan off for the safest results. To clean the light fixtures may require a gentle bath in warm soapy water. Follow the easy instructions to learn how to keep your ceiling fan light fixture in tip top shape.
2. Quick, easy clean up
You don't have time to vacuum and deal with floating dust bunnies, but your ceiling fan dust is driving you crazy. PureWow has a wonderful technique for easy ceiling fan dusting. All you need is a step ladder and an old pillow case. Slide the pillowcase over the blade and use it to dust and collect the dust at the same time. Once you are done, just empty the dust into the trash and throw the pillowcase in the washing machine. ​
3. Use a dusting spray
The Furbished Home uses the same pillowcase trick for quick clean up, but recommends a more thorough cleaning if you have time. Spraying the blades with a dusting spray and wiping according to directions not only removes any leftover dust, but helps prevent dust from building up as quickly. The tutorial says the process adds very little time to the task.
4. Vacuum your fan
You can quickly remove dust from your ceiling fan using your vacuum cleaning, according to The Spruce. Using the attachments is a quick and easy way to take care of your fan while you are vacuuming the room. You can even purchase specialty attachments specifically designed for vacuuming a ceiling fan.
5. Regain your balance
A ceiling fan can create noice and vibration if it becomes loose or off balance. It only takes 15 minutes to balance a ceiling fan, but that time saves you in having to potentially replace the fan prematurely. The Family Handyman takes you step by step through the simple process and gets you to a balanced spin in no time at all.
6. Make the most of your fan
You may not realize it, but your fan can help save you money. Many fans feature two directions -- one pushes air down and the other pushes air up. In the winter, the switch should be in the upwards position. In the summer, push the switch downwards. Mom4Real has more information here.
7. Ceiling fan makeover
Your ceiling fan may be clean, but just looking a bit dated. You can give it a complete makeover for a fraction of the cost of a new ceiling fan. Sawdust2Stitches performed an amazing ceiling fan makeover that will leave you amazed. Follow her tutorial to makeover your own fans.
8. Replace your ceiling fan
Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your ceiling fan. But in case you find yourself in need of a new ceiling fan, This Old House has an easy to follow tutorial for replacing a ceiling fan. Step by step pictures walk you through the process of this DIY project.
From a clean ceiling fan to a brand new one, we've got you covered with these tips. Share them with your friends and family on Facebook!
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