8 tips and tricks to repair wood damage fast

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There's something about a piece of wood furniture that feels a little more elegant and sturdy. Wood furniture certainly has benefits including longevity. However, wood isn't infallible and anything from too much water to too much sun and bumps and tips can damage the look.
Many people think that wood has to be expensive or time-consuming to repair, but as you'll find out, that's not always the case. Check out these 8 simple tricks for repairing damage to wood surfaces quickly and without using expensive chemicals.
1. Remove water stains from wood with petroleum jelly
Water stains on your wood table are an unsightly pain. One way to remove those stains safely is to apply a coat of petroleum jelly over the water rings. Let is set overnight and wipe it all away in the morning.
2. Make your wood look new with coconut oil
Apply coconut oil to your faded wood to restore its natural color and to re-hydrate the wood. Apply a thin layer to your wood service and let it set for about 5 minutes before buffing the oil into the wood (think Karate Kid: wax on, wax off).
3. Repair holes with toothpicks
Snagging scrap wood is a great way to get materials for a DIY project on a budget, but nail holes can make your project look less tidy. To fix the holes for a more natural look, cut a toothpick or skewer to size and stick it in the hole. Sand the wood replacement down to level.
4. Use an iron to repair veneer safely
This tip is safe enough to even use on an antique piece of furniture. This is a great solution for a solution that looks original but takes a little less work. For this project, you'll need veneer banding and an iron wrapped in tin foil. After fitting the pieces to the damaged areas, use the iron to apply heat and fasten the veneer to your project. You may need to stain the veneer to match your original piece of wood. Check out the full project from The Black Sheep Shoppe.
5. Remove scratches with vinegar and canola oil
You can repair a scratched table or another wood project with a little DIY mix. Kris Cole recommends mixing 3/4 cups of canola oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Mix well then rub the mixture into the wood and let it dry. You don't even need to wipe the oil off!
6. Remove water marks with mayo
If you forgot to use a coaster when you set your drink down, don't dismay. Grab a jar of mayonnaise from the fridge and go to work. Lightly coat the watermark with some mayo and let it soak for about an hour, then you can just wipe the watermark and the mayo away with a dry rag.
7. Remove minor scratches with nail polish
If your wood table has a few knicks and dings, you can get rid of them with a bit of clear nail polish and sandpaper. Fill the chip/scratch with clear nail polish and allow it to dry. Then use a fine sandpaper to even out the surface. (You don't want to completely remove the nail polish, just level it with the rest of your wood surface.)
8. Use a hair dryer
Another simple solution for cleaning up a wood table or chair is to use a hair dryer to remove water rings and marks. This method works best for lighter water marks (usually white in color). Use a hair dryer to heat the surface of the wood where the watermark. Then wipe away the mark with a rag dampened with denatured alcohol. Make sure the wood does not get too hot as it can peel.
Resources Banner Image Credit, Reader's Digest, Shauntelle Hamlett, and http://www.popularwoodworking.com/article/remove-watermarks
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