10 unexpected ways to use nail polish remover around the house

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Almost every household has a bottle of nail polish remover. Chances are you've never considered using it for anything other than removing nail polish. However, you can use it for many different household purposes.
The ingredients that allow nail polish remover to actually remove nail polish make the liquid an inexpensive cleaning solution. You can also use it in various different craft projects. These tutorials will show you how versatile nail polish remover can be.
1. Transfer photos to tile
You don't have to purchase an expensive kit to transfer photos to tile. This creative tutorial shows you how to "print" pictures on uncoated tiles using nail polish remover. The addition of cork on the bottom of the tile creates a charming coaster.
2. Remove print from plastic
Not sure how this cleaning method works? Try the technique demonstrated in the video below.
3. Remove marker from walls
If a child draws on the wall, chances are it will be with a marker. There also is a good chance that the marker may be a permanent one. The video below shows how to remove marker from the wall.
4. Clean up a DIY mug
Permanent marker can cause a lot of stress. Once you've made a mark with it, you feel that it is, well, permanent. The technique below shows how to clean up permanent marker on a mug if it's not where it's supposed to be.
5. Fix a superglue mistake
Super glue is a wonderful adhesive – until it accidentally glues the wrong things together. Watch the video below for an easy solution to this problem.
6. Remove scuff marks from shoes
The rubber toes on your Converse and your favorite patent heels can both suffer from scuff marks. If you are having a hard time cleaning those off, you may want to try the trick below.
7. Clean your keyboard
It's one of those places that you never think to clean. You may give it a quick swipe of the duster but rarely take the time to deep clean your computer keyboard. The technique below shows a simple method.
8. Remove stains from laminate
Light-colored laminate seems to attract stains. Virtually any food with color can leave a stain on a countertop or floor. If gentle scrubbing doesn't remove the stain, try the solution in the video below.
9. Smooth a watch face
Many watches have an acrylic watch face. The acrylic becomes scratched and foggy from normal wear. The video below offers a method to help. Be sure not to smooth out the surface too much.
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