10 fantastic hot glue gun hacks for around the home

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Hot glue holds the crafting world together. It provides a secure and flexible hold, making it ideal for many DIY craft projects. Have you ever looked at your bag of hot glue sticks and wondered, "How will I ever use all these glue sticks?"
Hot glue gun hacks take advantage of your plentiful supply of cheap glue in a variety of ways. From beautiful jewelry to keeping your clothes nice and neat, we've gathered the ten best hot glue hacks for you!
1. Stop pictures from hanging crooked
Some pictures just don't want to hang straight. Every day, you go by them and they drive you crazy. The Krazy Coupon Lady knows exactly how you feel. She has the solution, too. A nice dab of hot glue in the corners of a painting or canvas will add just the right amount of grip to hold a picture in place.
2. Make your own makeup brush cleaner
Makeup brush cleaning mats are the new trend in makeup products. They feature a textured surface that helps scrub the makeup and grime out of your brushes. You don't have to shell out the big bucks. You can make one quickly and easily using a hot glue gun and a plastic plate. See how here.
3. Seal it with wax
Traditional wax seals were made with a flame and wax stick or a candle. Brit+Co has made this much simpler with this easy glue gun hack. A crayon will fit perfectly in your glue gun and melts really easily. Use this method to seal letters. It's perfect for when you need to seal multiple envelopes for a party or event.
4. Make it glitter
DIY glue gun snowflakes are a huge trend in Christmas decorating. You simply pipe them out onto wax paper, let them cool, then hang them anywhere you need a beautiful snowflake. Pitter and Glink takes it up a notch by transforming them into beautiful sparkling snowflakes. Mod Podge and glitter are all it takes. Find out more tips for making your own DIY glue gun snowflakes here.
5. Give it texture
Use hot glue to transform a plain vase into a work of art. The Budget Decorator simply applied row after row of hot glue to a straight-edged vase to give it more texture and style. You could even use colored hot glue sticks for an interesting and colorful look.
6. Craft your own jewelry
These earrings may look expensive and heavy, but because Four Front Doors crafted them from hot glue, they are cheap and light. The simple process involves making interconnected dots of hot glue. Once dry, you simply paint them to fit your style. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how simple it is to make your own hot glue jewelry.
7. Get a grip
Clothespins leave marks and customized hangers are expensive. You don't have to struggle with slipping shirts anymore with this hot glue hack from The Shabby Creek Cottage. All you need to do is apply a strip of hot glue on the shoulder of your plastic hangers. The hot glue provides just enough grip to hold even the silkiest shirts in place.
8. Stamp it up
Have you been thinking of a stamping project, but you just can't find the right stamp for it? Make your own! Jennifer Rizzo shows you how easy it is to make a hot glue gun stamp in this step-by-step tutorial. The best part is that you can make it exactly how you want it -- any size and any shape.
9. Design your own wand
Hot glue provides just the perfect texture and grip for a true wizard. Use hot glue to decorate your Harry Potter wand in style. Once painted, no one will know what sort of magic you used to create the perfect wand. The tutorial from Boxy Colonial offers great tips on creating these wizarding necessities.
10. Impress with your sculpting skills
Hot glue can be applied to almost anything. Oh Oh Blog adds it to wire for a creative coral sculpture. The addition of multiple strands of hot glue creates a unique piece of art. It looks complicated, but the step-by-step instructions walk you through it with ease.
Hot glue isn't just for gluing things together. You can create so many endless projects with it. Share these creative hot glue hacks with your friends on Facebook!
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