Don't give up on your microfiber couch. Here are 6 cleaning tips that will have it looking like new again

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Microfiber couches are the ultimate in design and comfort. The plush surface is a why many people purchase a microfiber. However, it also may be why you find yourself hesitating when it comes to cleaning it.
While it may be tempting to rush out and hire a professional to clean your microfiber couch, you can save a ton of money by cleaning your furniture yourself. These tutorials will help you renew your microfiber so that your furniture always looks new!
1. Use rubbing alcohol to prevent water spots (h/t 551 East)
Rubbing alcohol is the perfect cleaner for microfiber because it evaporates very quickly. This prevents the water spots that often linger on microfiber. Simply fill a spray bottle with clear rubbing alcohol and saturate the stained area. Use a sponge to rub clean. A brushing with a dry cleaning brush will freshen the nap of the fabric.
2. Understand what is safe (h/t One Good Thing)
Before cleaning your microfiber furniture, it is a good idea to check the labeling for cleaning recommendations. There are four possible labelings: S for solvent-based only, W for water-based only, S-W for either solvent or water, and X for vacuum only. If there is no cleaning recommendation, it's probably safest to consider the fabric solvent only.
3. Remove pen, marker, and other difficult stains (h/t Living Well Mom)
Some microfiber stains require a bit of gently scrubbing. A paste of baking soda and water gives you the light scrubbing action you need to gently remove ink and other stains from your microfiber couch. Simply apply the paste to the stain and gently rub with your finger or a cleaning cloth. Wipe with a clean, damp rag, allow to dry and brush gently back into shape.
4. Remove microfiber water stains with a baby wipe (h/t DIY Just Cuz)
Water spots left behind by cleaners and spills can be frustrating. The more you try to clean them, the larger the spot gets. You can erase water spots from microfiber with nothing more than baby wipes. Rub over the dried water stain until the spot is fully saturated from the baby wipe. Once dry, brush gently to renew the surface.
5. Eliminate odors from a microfiber couch (h/t Your House and Garden)
Smelly furniture is just not relaxing. To eliminate odors from your microfiber furniture, just reach for a box of baking soda. This pantry staple absorbs odors and restores freshness. Sprinkle dry baking soda on the smelly microfiber. After an hour, all you need to do is vacuum up both the baking soda and the offending odors. You'll be left with nothing but freshness.
6. Use a miracle cleaner on your furniture (h/t House of Fuentes)
The combination of Dawn dish soap and vinegar is well known to be a miracle cleaning solution. You can use this cleaning mix on your microfiber if it is safe for water-based cleaners. Simply fill a bucket half full with warm water. Add 2 cups of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of dish soap. Clean your microfiber with this solution using a clean cloth. Allow to air dry.
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