Your mattress has more germs than you think. Here are 7 tips for cleaning it

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There's nothing quite like slipping into a freshly made bed with clean sheets and soft pillows. However, have you given much thought to the mattress under your sheets. You use your mattress more than any other piece of furniture in your house. Taking the time to keep it clean will improve both your health and comfort.
From deep cleaning to quick maintenance, taking care of your mattress shouldn't take a lot of time or money. With a few simple ingredients and these mattress cleaning hacks, you'll never question the cleanliness of your bed again.
Steam clean with an iron for the deepest clean
Steam cleaning uses heat to penetrate and sanitize surfaces. You can steam clean your mattress with a handheld, canister, or even a 2-in-1 steam system.
Cooktop Cove
Make pillows look like new (h/t eHow)
Pillows should be washed every 3 months. It's not a terrible chore when you can use the hack below:
Remove yellowing with a simple spray (h/t Angela Schnabel)
It's not pleasant to think about, but we all sweat in our sleep. You probably never notice it until you start seeing yellow stains on your mattress. These sweat stains look awful, but the video below is here to help.
Solve a smelly mattress problem (h/t Yellow Bliss Road)
A less than fresh odor from your mattress is definitely not a good start to a good night. Try the technique below:
Remove urine stains from a mattress (h/t What's Up Fagans)
Mom's of small children know that sometimes mattresses become a bit soaked. Use the method below to effectively clean your mattress.
Freshen your bed with essential oils (h/t One Crazy House)
There are many essential oil recipes designed to promote sleep. Lavender and chamomile both are well-known aromatherapy aids. Try the homemade mixture shown in the video below.
DIY Febreeze
If you already use your favorite scent of Downy Unstopables for your clothing, this is an awesome DIY for you. If you haven't used these guys yet, well, once you do, there's probably no turning back. So instead of just leaving your clothes smelling fresh, whip up this mixture to make the whole house smell heavenly. Here's what you do:
Make the miracle cleaner
The miracle cleaner has been a hot topic on multiple blogs. This combination will do its magic with just a little scrubbing. Check the video below to see how.
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