Cooktop Cove: Super simple things you can do to ensure your home stays clean
By Lillian Teague
What if you could keep your house clean at all times without investing hours to scrubbing, polishing, and sweating? It's not magic -- it's simply what our mothers have been telling us for years. By doing small things consistently, you prevent messes from ever getting out of control.
These tips and tricks can help you maintain a cleaner home, no matter how hectic and busy life is. Each one only takes a few minutes but make a huge impact.
1. Make your bed
Nothing makes as large an impact on your bedroom than simply making the bed. Suddenly the room is pulled together. All it takes is a few minutes to properly straighten your bed. Try making your bed properly every single morning.
2. Give the bathroom a quick wipe
It only takes a few minutes to wipe your counters and toilet with a cleaning wipe. Consistently taking a few seconds to wipe down counters will keep your bathroom tidy. A quick bathroom clean-up includes wiping things down, gathering the trash, and hanging out a new hand towel. You can also shake to fluff the bath mat for a finished look.
3. Prevent water spots on glass shower doors
Why spend time scrubbing if you can simply prevent water spots from ever happening? The Frugal Girls save cleaning time by adding a coat of Rain-X to glass shower doors. After each shower, all you need to do is give the glass a quick squeegee and you will never have to scrub water spots or mineral deposits off your shower doors again.
4. Do the dishes
Dirty dishes can pile up very quickly. The key to having and enjoying a clean kitchen is to make a habit of washing dishes consistently. Run your dishwasher every day. If you hand wash, wash the dishes after every single meal. This keeps the pile from getting out of control. Five minutes now is better than an hour of washing later. Living on a Dime recommends making every person accountable for their own dishes.
5. Sweep every day
You don't have to move furniture and get into the corners, but a quick sweep or vacuum of the main traffic areas of your home will keep it cleaner. Allowing dirt to build up on floors and carpets cuts their lifespan. All it takes is a few minutes to go through the main living areas of your home, and it saves you money in the long run.
6. Give things a quick dust
The Creek Line House recommends making dusting fun by wearing a dusting glove for a few minutes every day to quickly and easily wipe down surfaces. It works perfectly for blinds, electronics, and other hard to dust areas.
7. Put things away
Taking the time to put things away while you are still holding them saves you a lot of time. For example, this guide to forming good cleaning habits recommends putting your shoes and coats up as soon as you walk in the door. It keeps the house tidy and takes only a minute to accomplish.
8. Do one load a day
Doing one load of laundry a day breaks up what is often a dreaded chore into a smaller and easier to handle task. Clean and Scentsible recommends using the time delay, if you have one, to wash a load while at work or running errands. The key to making this method work is that you must also put the load of laundry away every day.
9. Use baskets to store things
Baskets are great for quickly picking up and organizing a room. Throws, magazines, office clutter, toys, craft projects -- it all cleans up quickly and easily with a basket. Try scattering baskets throughout your entire house for easy and quick cleaning.
10. Arrange the pillows
Creative Home Keeper reminds us that sometimes it isn't just cleaning that makes our house look nice, but it's the illusion of clean. Something as simple as straightening the throws and pillows in your living room can have a huge impact. It only takes a few minutes, but makes a big difference.
You never know when you will get a surprise visitor. These daily cleaning tips will keep you ready for anything. Share with your friends and family on Facebook!
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